Since many of Associated Cut Flower's products are sourced globally, we recommend a lead time of 5 days, to allow your pre-order to be shipped.
Your online pre-order can be placed up to 3 weeks in advance, for deliveries into NYC Monday, Wednesday & Friday,
ready for In-Store Pick-up, Delivery by Van, or Overnight FedEx, as order delivery options.

Order Date Calendar

Our convenient 'One-Page Checkout' page has an easy to use Calendar Date Picker to help you select your 'Order Date'.

The Calendar shows you the 'Order Dates' that are available for delivery into NYC.
(This is a required field that must be completed in order for your order to be processed
Please use the Date Picker provided, do not insert your own dates, otherwise your order will not be accepted).

Please try out the 'Order Date' Calendar:


If you need something outside of this schedule, please call us at 212-695-6100.

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