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Members 'Quick-Log-in'

1. Using the Site: Member 'Quick-Log-In' on 'Register Page' Member 'Quick-Log-In'
Members have an easy 'Quick-Log-in' section on the Registration Page. Enter your member name and password, and off you go. This will take you to your MyAccount page.

(Remember that you have to be a 'Member' to log-in).

For further information about registering, please click here.
'Non-Members' can view these 'Non-Member' sections.

My Account

2. Using the Site: My Account Page

My Account Page

On your 'My Account Page' you can manage your ACF Orders, Personal Information, Payment Settings & your 'WishList'.
The 'Order Online' button takes you to the Associated Cut Flower Homepage, or you can start from any of the sections directly.

Categories - Defined - Refined

3. Using the Site: Defined Product Groups & Seasonal Products

Defined Product Groups
and Seasonal Products
4. Using the Site: Refined Searchable Category Pages

Refined Category Pages
The products are assembled in clearly defined categories, with refined sub-categories, saving you time, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Category pages are easily searchable.

Search by Colors, Months,....

The site is powered by an easy to use, powerful and responsive search engine.
Conveniently search with the 'Main search Bar', or 'Search Within' on a Category.
Search by Months or by Color Choices.

5. Using the Site: Easy to Use Search Fields

Easy to Use Search Fields
6. Using the Site: Search by Colors from the 'Color Choices' page

Search by Colors
7. Using the Site: Search by Months

Search by Months

Refined Search with Categories Filters

8. Using the Site: Refined Search with Category Filters

Refined Search
Category Filters

The category 'drop down' filters give you a fast way 'find' what you are looking for, including:

  • Find by Color Choices
  • Find by Country
  • Find by Flower Form
  • Find by Monthly Varities
  • Find by Size
  • Find by Variety

(Category filters only appear when there is a choice to select from).

Category Pages

9. Using the Site: Category Pages.

Category Pages
10. Using the Site: Compare items 'Pop-Up'.

Compare Items
The products are assembled in clearly defined categories, with refined sub-categories, saving you time, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Category pages are easily searchable.

Product Pages

11. Using the Site: Product Pages.

12. Using the Site: Product Pages - Related Products and Recent History

Related Products
Recent History
The Product pages include:

  • Detailed descriptions
  • Product tips
  • Buying information
  • Clear images with vZoom and slideshows
  • Related Products
  • Recent History

'WishList' feature

13. Access to 'WishList' page from My Account Page.

'WishList' Page
14. WishList Page


The 'WishList' feature allows you to save items to buy in the future.

  • Click 'Add to WishList' button on the product page
  • Your 'WishList' can be accessed from the MyAccount page.
  • Items can be added to the cart from the 'WishList' page

Easy to use shopping cart

  • Convenient 'Add to Cart' from both Category and Product pages
  • Purchase multiple items from Category Pages
  • Pop-up 'Soft Cart' lets you view your cart before you choose 'Continue Shopping' or 'Check Out'.

Easy to use One Page Checkout

18. Using the Site: One Page Checkout One Page Checkout

  • 'Members' have their account info preloaded on the Checkout page, (Billing & Shipping addresses etc.)
  • Name your Order
  • Select your date for the order
  • Select your Shipping option
  • Select your Payment option (Use a saved Credit Card)
  • Add any other comments
  • Place your Order.
  • Its that simple!

(The first time you 'checkout' there are a few simple questions we would like to ask you once only, to help us better understand you as one of our customers. Thanks in advance.)

Order from Associated Cut Flower with confidence, we are a SSL secure site with 128-bit encryption.

(*SSL certificates are to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords).

In-Depth information

In depth information for 'Members' and 'Non-Members';

19. Using the Site: A-Z Availability

A-Z Availability
20. Using the Site: Monthly Overviews

Monthly Overviews
21. Using the Site: Product Galleries

Product Galleries
22. Using the Site: Product Overviews

Product Overviews

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